Strange Ontology: Week beginning 16th February

Original research

17th February

Menopause drug once thought safer than HRT ‘could raise risk of breast cancer relapse’

A report on: Kenemans et al. (2009) Safety and efficacy of tibolone in breast-cancer patients with vasomotor symptoms: a double-blind, randomised, non-inferiority trial The Lancet Oncology 10:135-146

19th February

An apple a day helps beat breast tumours, scientists say

A report on: Liu et al. (2009) Fresh Apples Suppress Mammary Carcinogenesis and Proliferative Activity and Induce Apoptosis in Mammary Tumors of the Sprague-Dawley Rat Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 57:297-304

How using Facebook could raise your risk of cancer

A report on: Seligman (2009) Well Connected?: The Biological Implications of ‘Social Networking Biologist 56:14-20

20th February

Cancer screening ‘blights ten lives for every one saved’

A report on: Gøtzsche et al. (2009) Breast screening: the facts-or maybe not BMJ doi:10.1136/bmj.b86

22nd February

Men could live as long as women in just two generations as life expectancy gaps closes

A report on: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (2009) Health, United States, 2008 Washington:Government Printing Office

and (I believe): Office for National Statistcs (2008) Life expectancy at birth and at age 65 by local areas in the United Kingdom London:ONS

Causes in brief

16th February

‘Space helmet’ that can tell you’ve had a stroke

“Only cancer and heart disease kill more people [than strokes].”

17th February

‘Jade Goody effect’ sees cervical screening soar by more than 20%

“Cervical cancer is the most preventable form of cancer but is the second biggest killer of women in their 30s in the UK”

18th February

Jade Goody calls five friends to hospital bedside and asks them to be bridesmaids at her £1.5m wedding

“‘By raising awareness for cervical cancer Jade Goody’s plight could save thousands of lives by encouraging more young women to have a smear test.'”


17th February

Health News: Hopes the humble mushroom could stop cancer recurring and stem cells could reverse lung damage

“Button mushrooms are being tested as a treatment to stop breast and prostate cancers recurring.”

19th February

Drinking just one glass of wine a day can INCREASE risk of cancer by 168%, say the French!

A report on: National Cancer Institute (2009) Nutrition et prévention des cancers : des connaissances scientifiques aux recommandations Paris: NCI

21st February

At last we’re talking about the Big C: Cancer specialist says we can all learn from Jade Goody

“Cancer affects one in three of us. When I started in oncology in the Seventies, we didn’t mention the C word to patients. We talked about cysts and inflammation and used codes such as ‘new growth’ or ‘mitotic activity’ on ward rounds. It is hard to imagine how we got away with this delusion when people had extensive surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. They just trusted us.”

22nd February

‘Tears and laughter’ as Jade and Jack tie the knot… after she keeps him waiting for 45 minutes

“Meanwhile, the happiness of her wedding day could give Jade Goody’s health a bigger boost than any medication, cancer experts say.”

Cancer deaths ‘to DOUBLE by 2050’ in ‘catastrophic’ rise driven by obesity crisis, warns expert

“Cancer rates are increasing so fast in Britain and across the world that they will soon be as big a problem as climate change, an expert has claimed.”