Placeholder II (You are not forgotten)

Fellow bloggers of the mail and readers of the bloggers of the mail and possibly even reader of the mail… Hi!

I am off on my (late) summer holidays which will mean little access to the internet. However, please consider it time for me to do some reading and come back afresh ashte Autumn picks up. No doubt, the end of the silly season will throw a lot more wood on the fire so to speak.

So until then, Alone in the Dark will be a tad quiet. Dormant… but only for a short time.




Placeholder (The Future is coming)

Why hello there and welcome to “(Still) Alone in the Dark”.

You may or may not be aware that this blog has recently gone through a change of ownership (for reasons, please go here). As such, I’m doing a bit of tinkering before re-launching the never ending task of blogging the mail.

My name is Omni and I will be following your previous hosts style of looking at the various columns written in the mail on a weekly basis. The regularly entry, “Strange Ontology” will not be continuing, primarily because there are a host of sites out there focused solely on the Daily Mail’s obsession with the causes and preventions of oncological disease. I will put up a list of the best ones in the links section.

Apart from that, all continues as normal, this blog will still be about raising the level of debate with the Mail’s columnists and refraining from making personal attacks and unsupported statements. The comments will remain on moderation for now but I may change this is the future. Keep you posted.

Please tell your friends, all are welcome.