Why are you now blogging the mail? And Who are you anyway?

Why are you now blogging the mail?

Many of the reasons for my taking on “Alone in the Dark” are explained by proxy both here and here.

However, I think it appropriate to write some words in some sort of logical order about why I actually wanted to do this.

I am not, nor ever have been much of a Daily Mail fan. I doubt this comes as a surprise to anyone. Every reading brings with it new feelings of frustration that so many people are influenced by it’s hyperbole, rhetoric and sometimes, downright lies. Not that it is alone in newspaper land, examining the Express, the Sun, the Mirror and even the broadsheets such as The Telegraph or The Independent will reveal slants in the reporting, one way or the other.

That said, the Daily Mail always comes across as just that little bit more vicious, just that little bit more personal and always, always taking the view that the country is going to hell in a proverbial and all of that decline can be laid at the door of Immigrants/Multiculturalism/Homosexuality/The Labour Party/Socialism/The Youth of Today/Single Mothers/Muslims/The PC Brigade/Bleeding Heart Liberals/The Nanny State/Guardian Readers. It is vitally important to remember that NONE of the problems in Britain are caused by hard-working, white, middle class persons in traditional marriages and living in Buckinghamshire, none at all.

And so we blog the mail, or rather I blog the mail. If anyone would ever like to make a guest contribution then please get in touch, this blog is an open door both for discussion and for continuing the examination of how the columnists in the Daily Mail deconstruct the news. Like my predecessor, I’m not sure my comments will be particulary enlightening, I shall endeavour to always keep them based in reaonable fact and to not descend into name calling and flame wars. This is about raising the level of debate and examining why people hold the views that are expounded upon day in, day out in the Mail.

On that note, let us continue.

And who are you anyway?

Very glad you asked.

I’m probably quite a bit like you. I do a relatively standard day job that I neither love nor loathe, it pays the bills, feeds the cats and means I have my evenings and weekends free to indulge in projects such as this. I have always loved writing and have grown to love journalistic writing over a number of years. I cannot claim my style is in anyway professional, it is decidedly amateur but I hope by writing blogs and journals such as this I can improve somewhat.

I am very political both in commentary and action and am always happy to discuss and debate with anyone, especially over a pint of strongbow or a bottle of rose wine. I love rock music, television serials, movies, books, comics and audio drama.

I live in London with my fiancee and our two cats in a small and cosy Basement Flat. I spend WAY too much time infront of the computer.

For enjoyment I read The Guardian.

For this, I read The Mail.


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