Why (did the last guy) stop blogging the Mail?

This blog has always had a policy of retaining everything that was posted on it, correcting it if necessary, so no one can worry that there are things being hidden. For that reason, this page on ‘Why stop blogging the Mail?’ has been retained, despite the blog having now been taken on by a new blogger.


If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve probably noticed things petering out slightly over the last couple of weeks, ironically coinciding with one of the blog’s most widely-read periods. It’s become fairly obvious as other projects take over that I don’t really have the time or the energy to keep everything going, and sadly that means losing my least favourite. As the blog has gone on, it’s been increasingly hard to find the motivation to face the Mail every morning and increasingly hard to stay positive in the face of the gloom. Eventually, when it came to facing up to life being too short, it wasn’t hard to see what life was too short for.

If anyone would like to take on the site and continue the project, I’m open to offers. If not, the site will remain until some future tide washes the internet clean of it. I hope it’s managed to be mildly diverting, even if it has sometimes been wrong, and that it’s been occasionally informative. I’d like to thank Anton over at The Enemies of Reason and Uponnothing over at Angry Mob for their continual kind words and support, and to everyone who has contributed, especially those who’ve corrected factual inaccuracies.

Look after yourselves – and eachother,

3rd June 09

2 Responses to “Why (did the last guy) stop blogging the Mail?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    You’ll be missed. Thanks for what you’ve done here.

  2. H T Says:

    I found you after Googling “daily mail oncology ontology blog”, per Ben Goldacre’s comment on The Now Show (7 Aug 2009, BBC R4; also available for the next week via the “Friday Comedy Podcast”; about 21 mins in.)

    I’ve no idea if this blog was what he was referring to, but I love it. If you’re out of energy to continue – which would be completely understandable! – I certainly hope someone will pick up the baton. I think this would be a genuinely valuable resource, even if just as a one-link reply to a rambling email from a dear, but slightly deranged, friend…

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